the new front end for pancars

the new front end for pancars

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Handmaded and tested, our front ends come completely assembled with our own factory setup.

All versions are tested on a large variety of outdoor tracks.

Every car equipped with one of our front ends broke lap times made with OEM front end system.

We have achieved 3 x track absolute records.


complete kit

ready to run

2,5mm high quality matte carbon fiber UHU plus endfest 300
Titanium turnbuckles
Hard plastic parts from Xenon Racing
Hard coated aluminium pivot balls for minimum friction
4/40” king pins with aluminium lock nut
Spring Steel front axle
5 x pairs specific front springs
High quality carbon brass inserts
Aluminium kingpin shims

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2 more things for VTE

Upgrade kit for VIP VTE is now available

1.- Our side stiffners connect the front lower plate to the rest of chassis. This upgrade allows more longitudinal tension and limits overall deflection, especially on the front end.

2.- 230mm rear conversion brings the option to adapt rear end at all layouts and circumstances. Mantains OEM aesthetic design with little changes to gain more stiffness on the rear pod.


.. under development ...